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This page will display videos, articles, photos that have special meaning to me.


The Italian TV produced several TV ads in celebration of the 150 year since the Italian Unification (1861-2011), The first one revolves, of course, around soccer –one of the few unifying elements — that makes all Italians feel like one (the underneath is of the Italian National Anthem). Happy Birthday Italy !


The other ads displayed in the clip below show all of the richness of the Italian dialects which are still being spoken throughout Italy today.  The ads make fun of the fact that if we still spoke to each other using the dialect of  our respective regions we would not be able to understand a single word ! My dialect is not represented in the ad (Emilia Romagna), and therefore I do not understand anything of what people are saying here ! (just like the people in the ad) Not a word. “If we were still living 150 years ago we would all still speak like this…” the ad says at the end. EH?