Educational Podcasting Sites

The Education Podcast Network (A site that gathers podcasts which support teaching and learning)

Education Podcast (Podcasts from faculty, staff and students)

Learnoutloud(A site that holds more than 2000 podcasts, ebooks, songs, videos)

http://recap.ltd.uk/podcasting/ (Collects podcasts from college and universities)

Openculture  (Podcasting from universities from all over the world)

University of Wisconsin’s page on Podcasting

iTunes Education

Recommended Podcasting Hosting Sites

Castpost – Free hosting for audio and video clips
Podbean – Free podcast hosting and publishing.
Pickstation – Good to use for podcasts and music.
Blubrry– find, share and organize podcasts.
Evoca– With this site you can create audio files from your computer, phone or Skype. Share/embed them on websites.
MyPodcast – Podcast hosting site
HeyCast– A tool to create video podcasts. Allows RSS feeds

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