BCC Media Server & Freeware

BCC Media Server

Faculty can store their videos and audio on the Media Server

Why do I want to store them on the media server ?

1)  are password protected and you will be able to protect your creative work

2) Share them with Students and Faculty by sending them a link

2)  are much easier to upload on the Media Server than in  since the upload of  can take up a lot of time. In addition, if the video is too large, BB will not allow you to embed it into its platform.

For more information about putting your videos on the  Media Server please contact: Albert Robinson at OIT, Email: albert.robinson@bcc.cuny.edu


http://www..cuny.edu/informationTechnology/?page=Freeware (FREEWARE).  Use this site to update your computer

In order to play I recommend that you update the following:


Real Player


Adobe Shockwave

Windows Movie Maker/iMovie

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