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“Let me tell you what I think”; using podcasts for feedback.

Source: http://www.dusd-it.com/feedback/
Source: http://www.dusd-it.com/feedback/

An interesting use of podcasts is to provide feedback. This feedback is meant to offer students commentary on their academic work and to orally assess their performance. Scientific literature reveals several studies on the topic, some of which describe how audio recorded feedback on written papers is an effective method that provides individualized instruction. Furthermore, one study suggests that students find it more meaningful to receive this type of commentary than the traditional written one since it positively impacts their self-esteem, motivation and revision practices.

In a survey, students reported they find oral commentary on school performance to be more relevant to their needs and more appropriate for students with special needs. More specifically, students feel oral commentary is helpful to improve school work since it is more clear, direct and detailed than written commentary. In a 2008 study, the researcher focused on using podcasts to give feedback on Ph.D dissertations. Interesting right? Would you have liked to be on the other side of this new trend? The positive results are easily comprehensible since students thinks it’s more useful to receive feedback this way since it is more on point, detailed and clearer.  However, in a further study, the tone of voice was underlined as a negative factor for some students. This is also an interesting aspect to discuss. Do you think tone and disposition also plays a role? I believe this would be the case since students can sense the professor’s sense of openness, relaxed attitude, and encouragement. So are you ready to try this with your students next time around? I think I just might!

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Do you VOCAROO ?

I discovered a wonderful software with a strange sounding name, it is called VOCAROO. It creates audio podcasts in the most simple way.

Nothing to download, install, subscribe to, just click record, then “click to stop” and you are done! The second stept is to cut and paste the URL of the file and send it to your students, instructors, or upload it on your blog. You can have students create podcasts for your class without having to provide digital players or engage in students’ training. I recommended it ! It’s wonderful and ready for use. I’ve implemented it in my Italian Cinema class (SPS) and language courses. I also use it on my Eporfolio platform from digication.

http://vocaroo.com/ (Free version of the program)

MY VOCAROO FILE: LISTEN !  http://vocaroo.com/?media=vdoJaMCD2DlZzZsSD

There is an upgraded version of Vocaroo called VOCAROO EXPRESS  that you have to pay to use. It allows you to store your podcasts so that they don’t get lost. You can download a free trial version of this cool software.

Here is the website: http://vocaroo.com/express/?thanks

These are some of the features of the pay version of VOCAROO (The following list is taken from the vocaroo website)

  • Simple to use. Click to record, click to stop, and click to send!
  • Send voice messages as an attachment using your Windows email client.
  • Use the email software and address book you are are comfortable with.
  • All recordings are saved on disk for backup and later listening.
  • Help messages guide you each step of the way (all three of them!).
  • A rather fetching green and purple colour scheme

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This page contains blogs, wikis, twitters, and social media sites dedicated to podcasting (and elearning)

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http://archive.e-learningcentre.co.uk/eclipse/Resources/elblogs.htm This site collects blogs that concern elearning in general)

http://recap.ltd.uk/podcasting/ Educational Podcasting for Teaching and Learning. This site is compiled and published by Russell Educational Consultancy and Productions (RECAP.

http://poducateme.com/ Podcasting in Education, maintained and operated by Micah Ovadia, a digital designer at the University of Cincinnati (UC).

http://fcit.usf.edu/podcasts/ (Ideas for Podcasting in the Classroom)


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